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Eastnor Explorer

Re-ignite the explorer in you on the world's most historic and challenging Land Rover tracks off road trails. The Eastnor tracks are steeped in history, having been used to test every Land Rover product ever made, and they are still in use for testing today. Eastnor Explorer offers a thrilling, tangible taste of expedition-style adventure.

Delivered as a progressive journey set over 3 full days, our intrepid Explorers will tackle deep water, dense woodland, steep hills and thick mud. The ultimate goal being to put your new skills into action by building your own bridge and driving across it!

Exclusive Experience: £599.00 per vehicle per day, with space for 3 intrepid Explorers to share the adventure.

Experience Terms and Conditions Apply.
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Land Rover Defender and Discovery on a woodland track

Eastnor Explorer

This three day adventure can be tackled on consecutive days or throughout the year. It’s the perfect excuse to come face to face with seemingly impassable trails and dense woodlands, deep in slick gloopy mud. Take on the steepest hills, infamous still today for their difficulty and ford deep water – pushing the vehicles to the absolute limits. All safe in the knowledge that you have a world class expert guiding you every step of the way. The Eastnor Explorer guarantees memories that will last a lifetime and provides plenty of laughs along the way.

Your Experience:

  • Day One of the Journey – Driving techniques, deep water, rutted tracks, articulations and seemingly impassable tracks
  • Day Two of the Journey – Taking the drive to the next level and an introduction into rope work and bridge building
  • Day Three of the Journey – Bring together the skills of the previous adventures – culminating in a bridge crossing in the deepest part of the Eastnor Estate, on tracks seldom seen by even the most adventurous.


Adventures can be purchased as a three day consecutive package or sold separately, with days 1 -3 being delivered throughout the year. Just let us know which day you are ready for. (Days must be delivered in sequence with each one being completed before you progress to the next level)

Each day includes lunch out in the woods

Explorer can also be tailored to small groups – ask our team for more information on group bookings

Duration: Full day

Experience Terms and Conditions Apply. Please click here for details.


Land Rover Experience - Eastnor

The Bothy,
Eastnor Castle,
Ledbury HR8 1RL

01531 638777